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Family background to influence the fourth factors of Female Students

March 23, Beijing Normal University, Department of Economics, a female college student just finished the second "to improve the quality of training, employment of female graduates in rural areas," she said with emotion: "introduce their sister-school employment experience, say a lot of very useful content, is a summary of their own failures, they will not tell us to listen to the teachers. Now I know that by changing their job or be successful. "

The training of the Department of Education, Beijing Normal University, Research Center for Multicultural Education has launched the "Improving the quality of rural female students employment training program," one of the specific activities, the purpose is to talk through a wide range of female college students to arouse the attention of early preparing; slowly through the training of small-scale changes in employment of female graduates in some rural areas of inferiority and negative psychological, to improve their job knowledge and a clear direction of employment, to enhance their employability.

Family background to influence the fourth factors of Female Students

Choose to improve the quality of employment of female graduates of training, due to the recent female college students in rural areas of the center Employment survey. The results showed: that the poor employment situation of female students and very bad accounted for 90.8% of college students female college students from rural areas generally not optimistic about the employment situation.

The object of the survey of 100 college students from several universities in Beijing all the text, science department, won the first grade from undergraduate to doctoral each level, including 51 rural students. Survey of factors affecting employment of female graduates in turn is a professional position, gender, appearance, family background and national policies, family background of female college student became the fourth largest factor in employment.

Multicultural Education, Beijing Normal University, director of the Center, the "project to promote employment of female graduates in rural centers", said Professor Zheng Xinrong head: "female students from rural areas generally lack the social background and economic background, language and interpersonal relationships capacity is relatively weak, is easy to lack of confidence in the candidates, passive, low employment expectations, which have seriously affected their job well. Some female students even do not have access to information, how can they succeed Competition for what? "" the face of the employer, female college students are always passive, vulnerable. "Liaoning University, a graduating class instructor said," Every year students are looking for a job when my headache, but women of Humanities Department itself, and now employing units chosen to not girls. The membership of the girls in rural areas may be even more certain restrictions, if their state of mind if the good, more cheerful, good at using outside information, good communication will be better, but they are not good in this regard, employment encountered more obstacles. "deputy director of a corporate Human Resources also said:" There are some enterprises in rural areas there is injustice female membership psychological, in the face of the same level of the two candidates, they often select a city nationality. "

Employment of rural female students will result in a vicious cycle of basic education

Studied under Professor Zheng Xinrong find yourself a lot of outstanding, but the female students from rural areas to find work difficult. February 21, from the Beijing International Exhibition Center turbulent flow in the extrusion to the Lin Ying (alias) bewildered that she had just attended the 17th session held there to create the future job fairs. Lin Ying from Beijing Normal University in June of this year pharmacy graduate, did she think of themselves as brand-name university graduate, to find a job no problem, but this two-month job in the "defeated" lost her own self-confidence .

Lin Ying think to lose a lot of job opportunities in the first factor is her sex, followed by mention of the secret anguish she will not --- to be from the rural areas of Henan, in Beijing, no relatives, friends, a very narrow range. As many employers recruitment information is not open to the public, she could not get hold of the effective information. The last time she heard a Beijing hospital Pharmacy recruit people, and quickly called to ask, but the other said that the interview is over. And that this "late" information, she passed the brothers eventually finding work in Beijing, added something to the. Seeing graduation day she approached, her anxiety every day, "his sister in the school house there, I need a job to support themselves and ease the burden at home."

Zheng Xinrong said: "The failure of a number of job experience will be a college student 10 years of accumulated self-confidence destroyed out clean. Rural female college students because of ethnicity, gender awareness of the limitations in such cases more easily negative emotions will be more internal attribution, too reflect on their own shortcomings. even feel sorry for the parents, resulting in deep remorse. so that they may give up self-employment road, turn to rely on men, or simply give up on themselves . In addition, there will be some female students go to the other extreme is the starting point and start the blind pursuit of the so-called high academic qualifications, and post-graduate job market --- which is far more than men and women graduate students graduate one of the reasons. this can not to solve their fundamental problems, but to make the threshold higher and higher employment. This is a waste of talent ah! "

It is understood that an ordinary rural family for a child in high school, education spending would account for the entire family income of 1 / 3 or even 1 / 2, while for the ordinary peasant family, a college student to spend a year, almost all family income in 2023. Zheng Xinrong that while the concept of change as the girls gradually get equal education opportunities, educational opportunities for rural women is still less than men. In this case, the employment situation of highly educated women is particularly important. Only female students smoothly, so that families see higher education to individuals and family life with all these changes to enable the broad masses of rural households are more willing to invest in education for girls.

In this regard, Lin Ying deep feelings, "If I can not find a job, at home no longer possible for a college student. If I can not find work, the villagers how to see me? They would send their daughter to school? "

Zheng Xinrong believed that the rural female students end up studying more than a decade 瀵掔獥 just want to change their living conditions, if not smoothly, the surface is concerned, short-term impact of a personal life, at a deeper level, will defeat the peasants to participate in educational initiative. China's educational foundation in the vast rural areas, once the marginalization of these female students in rural areas, rural households have lost faith in education, would be a very dangerous thing.

Training is important to change the way their employment situation

According to "promote the employment of rural female students project center" of the investigation, that to some extent through training to improve the rural female college students in individual employment status of the account for 78.6% of the total surveyed, 76% said their own homes where School has not carried out for employment-related training for female students, and specialized job training for rural female students is blank. Reporter visited a number of female students from rural areas, they all said the school every year for school leavers employment guidance, but are only the beginning from the senior year, so that occasional style guide is not targeted, not for their help Great.

Participated in the "employment of female graduates in rural areas to improve the quality of training" of the rural female students have expressed the hope that the school from the first year in practice and on providing them with internship opportunities, the special group for them to carry out job skills training, guiding them in their career planning, please some successful teaching experience in the employment of the rural students to provide some psychological constructive comments. "I even hope that college students find jobs in that time, as did female students in rural areas in need of short-term loans to help them tide over the job of the economic difficulties." Zhengxin Rong said, "We also hope that the 'rural Female Graduate Employment Training 'mode and content of the corresponding exploration and try to make a positive. appeal and affirmed the rural community to recognize the advantages of female college students, but also hope that our voice can lead to the relevant departments of the concern and attention, so that decision-makers to these outstanding equal employment environment for young people --- this requires effective security policy and law. I believe that the rural female students through their own efforts, actively seek, to find a suitable job. Who says jobs only for men and urban students prepare for it? "

Female students in rural areas should see their own strengths

In the eyes of her students, female students of rural and urban students or not? Girls from small cities packet Li said that in her eyes, rural girls and urban girls are not very different. Only, a small part of the rural girls too much emphasis on this point, to enlarge some slight differences, leading to inferior mentality. She said: "Rural women should be disadvantaged for their active participation in various social activities, exercise themselves and their ability to communicate. I had very low self-esteem, but joining the debate team, student union and other organizations find themselves after a really little bit in change. "

Although many respondents enumerated the disadvantages of rural employment of female graduates, but the survey also have a group for their encouraging results, the investigation showed that: 40.3% of respondents believe that serious practical employment of rural students clear advantages, in addition, ability to endure hardship, good academic performance, not ambitious, and strong anti-frustration, willing to go to grass-roots work is the advantage of rural students.

Beijing North Forest Development Corporation, the global professional career planner (GCDF) Kai Yang said that she had done an informal survey shows that the early work of graduates from the big cities tend to perform better in rural areas for students, "This is because rural students relatively poor ability to adapt to the environment, which they show their talent at a disadvantage. But I found, in fact, many companies are more willing to hire students in rural areas, because after a period of adjustment, rural students will be obvious advantages to play. They generally more realistic serious, hard, strong ability of anti setbacks, the work will not be choosy. "

Kai Yang said she contacted the case, the vast majority of girls in rural membership tempered by the University of 4 years have been integrated into urban life, "as long as they are in employment when the correct mentality, cultivate a good gender identity from the full --- estimation difficulties, also see their own advantage, more patient, more persist, we will be able to find a job. "


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